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Public Lands

Lauzon has been a long-time partner and trusted resource for the eco-responsible management and harvest of the Canadian crownland forest.

An Eco-Responsible Partner

Our forestry division oversees the company’s planning, third party consultations, supervision and harvest of the Outaouais and Laurentian region’s 210,000m³ annual fibre allocations. 

More than one hundred forestry workers are involved in our logging operations. Operations are conducted in a global ecosystem approach. Focus is on a sustainable development perspective to promote smart acquisition and ensure the development and optimal use of forestry, wildlife and parks in Québec. 

Furthermore, all the interventions we perform ourselves or supervise on the forest floor are conducted in compliance to all laws and regulations in effect as well as to the obligations specified under our current ISO-14001 forest certification. This certification encompasses all the environmental policies required to ensure the protection of nature as well as qualify and quantify the environmental impacts of such activities. 

Lauzon commits to the following:

  • Respect all obligations pertaining to preservation of the environment
  • Manage activities responsibly to ensure protection of the environment, pollution prevention and the health and safety of its employees
  • Mitigate the effects of activities and adapt those to climate change while preserving biodiversity and the health of our ecosystems
  • Innovate practices and establish boundaries according to rigorous environmental objectives, these objectives are developed in a continuous improvement process applicable to its environmental management system
  • Manage the resource on a sustained basis by addressing manufacturing efficiency, resource optimization, waste reductions, reutilization of the raw material available as well as a sustainable management of the forest
  • Sensitize personnel on the importance of respecting the environment through information transfer and proper training
  • Resort to internal and external audits to assess its environmental performance using predetermined specific indicators.
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