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Private Land 

Lauzon buys 10 million of PMP every year from private producers to supplement the log volume from its private and public lands.

A Solid Partner

Lauzon’s forestry division owns and operates the largest Canadian hardwood sawmill. It is located in Thurso, Quebec, and Lauzon manages logging activities on both private and public lands across Quebec and Ontario. Lauzon also works in close collaboration with private forest producers, and the relationship of trust between foresters and Lauzon is well established. The Lauzon wood buyer crisscrosses the country driving 70,000 km annually. This way of working, with boots on the ground, allows us to understand the specific needs of our suppliers and customize our approach. We monitor the markets day by day and listen to our local forestry partners.

Whether the goal is to purchase logs, cuts, land, shaping logs, walking the cutting territories or any other need, our priority is to ensure the sustainability of our business relationships. This close collaboration ensures the traceability of products we purchase, an important asset for Lauzon and its customers.

Log Buying

We purchase logs from territories within Quebec, Ontario, and the northeastern United States. Logs are often purchased from locations as far as 700 kilometers from our sawmill. We carefully coordinate log transport with our partners to make process more efficient for producers.

Wood species purchased to supplement our production needs:


Sugar maple




White oak




Cherry tree


Super Prime (Butt log only)

16" & +, 3fc
14"-15", 4fc


16" & +, 3fc
14"-15", 4fc


14"-15", 3fc


14" & +, 2cf
11"-13", 3-4fc


10"-13", 2cf


8"-14", 1cf


8"-14", 0cf

Lengths: 7′- 8′-9′-10′-11′-12′ /4″ trim

(No logs exceeding 12’)

Standing Timber Purchases - Turnkey Service

When you entrust Lauzon’s experienced team of professionals with the management of your logging operations, you can expect first-class service and a complete handling of the operation: forest inventory, road construction, logging and hauling operation. We will support your business every step of the way to ensure that we meet your highest expectations.

Land Acquisition

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of Foresters, Forest techs, and Land planners, the land appraisal we conduct will ensure you top dollar for your property. We will meet with you and explore all options available whether its in Ontario or Quebec.

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